Roberto Maiolino  FRS

Curriculum Vitae


1996: PhD in Astronomy, University of Florence, on secondment to the Steward Observatory, University of Arizona

1992: MS in Physics (Laurea), University of Florence

Accademic Appointments

2024- Blaauw Honorary Professor at Kapteyn Institute

2021- Royal Society Research Professor

2019 - present: Honorary Professor at University College London

2016 - 2021: Director, Kavli Institute for Cosmology, University of Cambridge

2012 - present: Professor in Experimental Astrophysics, Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge

2006 - 2012 Senior Astronomer, Astronomical Observatory of Rome

2003 - 2006: Senior Astronomer, Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory 

1997 - 2003: Astronomer, Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory (Firenze, Italy)

1995 - 1997: Postdoctoral Fellow, Max-Planck Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik (Garching, Germany)

Other Appointments

2024 - present: Editorial Board of The Astronomy and Astrophysics Review

2022 - present:  Editorial Board of the Royal Society's Philosophical Transactions A

2020 - present:  James Webb Space Telescope: Science Working Group

2020 - present: University of Rome, La Sapienza, Board for Graduate Studies

2019 - present:  Chair of the REACH Board

2016 - present:  Chair of the HIRES Science Advisory Team

2016 - 2017:  Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA): SPICA International Science Advisory Board

2015 - 2021:  International Astronomical Union (IAU): Organizing Committee of Cross Division D-J (Supermasive Black Holes, Feedback and Galaxy Evolution)                           

2014 - present:  Scientific Council, Italian Embassy in London

2014:                  European Southern Observatory (ESO): Committee for the  planning of the Very Large Telescope in 2020's

2014 - present:  MOONS-VLT Board

2013 - 2016:  SDSSIV-MANGA Strategic Composition Committee

2013 - 2016:  HIRES Steering Committee

2011 - 2012:  European Astronomical Society (EAS): Working group on the Future of European Space Astronomy

2009 - 2011:  ASTRONET Wide Field Spectroscopy Working Group

2009 - 2011:  Large Binocular Telescope: Time Allocation Committee.

2007 - 2011:   European Science Advisory Committee (ESAC) for the Atacama Large Millimetre Array (ALMA)

2007 - 2008:  ASTRONET Roadmap Working Group

2005 - 2010:  Coordinator for the Italian Space Agency's grants in support of future space missions

2005 - 2010:  Large Binocular Telescope: Science and Technical Committee

2004:                 Chandra X-ray Observatory: Time Allocation Committee

2003 - 2006:  Head of the Extragalactic Group, Arcetri Observatory

2003 - 2006:     Institut de Radioastronomie Millimétrique (IRAM): Program Committee

2003 - 2005:     European Southern Observatory (ESO): Observing Programmes  Committee

Awards, Honors, Prize Fellowships, Named Lectures

2024: Blaauw Honorary Professorship at the University of Groningen

2024: Michael Penston Lecture

2024: Cambridge Philosophical Society Lecture

2023: NASA Group Achievement Award (JWST Science Working Group)

2023: Elizabeth Spreadbury Lecture 

2022: Kavli Frontiers Lecture

2022: European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant (funded by the UKRI Frontier Research scheme)

2022: Elected Fellow of the Royal Society

2021:  Royal Society Research Professorship

2019:  Honorary Professor at University College London

2018:  Knighthood from the Italian President

2016:  Cavendish Physical Society Lecture (Cambridge, UK)

2016:  European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant

2014:  NOVA Lectures (The Netherlands)

1994:  Scholar, Steward Observatory - University of Arizona (Tucson, USA)

1992:  ASI Fellowship, Institute for Solid State Electronics (Roma, Italy)

Major Projects with Leading Role or Heavy Involvement

2021 - present: JWST-NIRSpec: coordinator of the Multi-Object GTO survey

2021 - present: Steering Committee of the JADES collaboration

2017 - present: JWST-NIRSpec: co-lead of the IFS GTO survey 

2016 - present:  Project Scientist of HIRES (High Resolution Spectrometer for the Extremely Large Telescope)

2016 - present:  Co-PI of the ESO Large Programme "KLEVER"

2014 - present:  Co-PI of MOONS-VLT

2013 - 2016:  UK Co-PI of HIRES 

2011 - present:  Project Scientist of MOONS (next generation ESO-VLT multi-object near-IR spectrograph)

2008 - 2013:   Project Scientist of SIMPLE (ELT high resolution near-IR spectrograph)

2008 - 2009:  PI of the ESO Large Programme "AMAZE"

2005 - 2008:  Project Scientist of GIANO (TNG high resolution near-IR spectrograph)

2004 - present: JWST-NIRSpec Instrument Science Team

Professional Societies

since 2022:  Fellow of the Royal Society

since 2018:  Member of the European Astronomical Society

since 2001:  Member of the International Astronomical Union


Full list of publications

Books Edited

Lecturer at Advanced Schools

(only since 2007)

2021 UKRI Introductory Course in Astronomy, Armagh, UK

2014 The complex physics of dusty star forming galaxies and AGNs, Bologna, Italy

2011 Numerical and Observational Astrophysics:  From the First Structures to the Universe Today,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010 The Infrared Universe: the Herschel and ALMA eras, Asiago, Italy

2008 High Energy Astrophysics Summer School, Urbino, Italy

2007 Science with ALMA, Cagliari, Italy

2007 Active Galactic Nuclei at the Highest Angular Resolution, Torun, Poland 

Supervision of students and postdocs

Supervised (or co-supervised) 50 PhD students, postdocs and research fellows, most of which currently are faculty at major research institutes, or have fellowships or postdoc positions at major research institutes and Universities.

University of Cambridge:

19 PhD students (8 of which visiting from abroad)

13 postdocs/fellows

University of Rome and Astronomical Observatory of Rome:

4 PhD students

3 postdocs/fellows

University of Florence and Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory:

7 PhD students

3 postdocs/fellows

Max-Planck-Institute für Extraterrestrische Physik:

1 PhD student


2020: "Natural Sciences Tripos IA - Mathematics", Examiner, University of Cambridge

2015-2018: "Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics", Examiner, University of Cambridge

2014-present: "Formation of Structure in the Universe", University of Cambridge

2013-2018: "Waves and Oscillations Laboratory" Head of Class, University of Cambridge

2012-2013: "Astrophysical Techniques" (postgraduate course), University of Cambridge

2008: "Coevolution of galaxies and AGNs", International School forAdvanced Studies, S.I.S.S.A (2008)

2007-2008: "Extragalactic Astrophysics", University of Rome III, Italy

2006: "Active Galactic Nuclei", University of Florence

2005-2006: "Star formation in our galaxy and in the distant Universe" University of Florence

2005: "Dust in the Universe", University of Rome III

2001-2002: "Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology", INAOE, Mexico